Disconnect to better reconnect.

Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into ourselves, our practice, and nature. In doing so, we break away from our everyday routines and are able to return home recharged and re-centered, ready to share our gifts and our magic with those around us. 


My retreats help you disconnect from the fast pace and stress of modern life, and offer you an opportunity to slow down and live in the moment, surrounded by nature to help you find new depths of inner peace and balance.

A healthy mix of relaxation, yoga, and building community helps you navigate to new vibrations and energies.

I've noticed that on my retreats, participants connect through the power of the practice and become closer friends. To see my yoga family grow, connect and share beautiful memories together is something I am deeply grateful for and proud of.

I look forward to sharing many beautiful experiences with you this year!

With love,



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