Your rituals today will define your tomorrow.

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Classes for every mood, sorted by time, style, and difficulty, with a specially made playlist to match each class. New classes are added every month. So, dive in, roll out your mat – take a moment for yourself.

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The Yoga Rituals library

A space designed to make you feel calmer, healthier, happier, more aligned and at peace. This is a space where you can come home to your body and your breath, and escape the distractions of everyday life, anytime and anywhere. 

Choose from a variety of styles - from slow to power, yin to vinyasa - find the class to match your mood and your energy level. Classes range from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, so you can be sure to find the time to make mindful movement a daily ritual.

Yoga Rituals classes combine conscious movement and breath, to develop a sensitive awareness of our body. Too often, we neglect our body to the point where we lose this sensitivity of our bodily awareness. These rituals are an invitiation for you to move more deeply, freely, and mindfully - to establish a deeper connection between your body, mind, and soul.

Whether you are a teacher, or completely new to the practice, there will be plenty of options to challenge you on this journey of self-inquiry. 

This space was created with you in mind. So, dive in, roll out your mat – take a moment for yourself.
I hope you enjoy my yoga library.

Music + Mindful movement

Every Ritual has a specially made playlist to match the mood and the style of the class. To start the playlist, click on the Spotify logo at the top right corner of the class. 

Music is our modern day mantra. From the sanskrit 'Manas' meaning mind and 'tra' meaning tool. Mantra could be described as an instrument of thought.

Music can be the gateway to greater spiritual connection.

It has the capacity to direct our energy and intention during our practice. To elevate, calm, and make us feel more, experience more. It can also help to anchor the mind in the present moment.

Its frequency can align the whole collective with the same vibration.

I hope you enjoy flowing to my Spofity playlists.