Practice with me live.

Whether you're a complete beginner or you want to deepen your practice, my all-levels livestream classes will give you that same in-studio community feeling. Simply book, grab a mat and tune in - enjoy the class in the comfort of your own sacred space. 

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There are no upcoming livestream events yet. Stay tuned.

How to join a livestream class

1) Join the Yoga Rituals membership which gives you access to all my on-demand and live classes (plus a 7-day free trial)
2) Log in to your account
3) Select the live you want to book at the top of this page
4) You will receive an E-mail confirmation with the Zoom link to join the class

Music + Mindful movement

Music can be the gateway to greater spiritual connection. Its frequency can align the whole collective with the same vibration.
Each class has a specially made playlist to match the mood and the length.

Music is our modern day mantra. From the sanskrit 'Manas' meaning mind and 'tra' meaning tool. Mantra could be described as an instrument of thought.
Music has the capacity to direct our energy and intention during our practice. To elevate, calm, and make us feel more, experience more. It can also help to anchor the mind in the present moment.